Wedding Terms & Conditions


Dear Sweet Bride & Groom,
Thank you for choosing us for your wedding cake and/or groom’s cake! We are thrilled to be a part of this special time. The following policies are to ensure a streamlined and organized process for all the details and parties involved. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to creating your dream cake!



All communications should be done in person. If you email and/or telephone us to make changes, Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery will not be responsible for any miscommunication.


Half of the total price is required to secure your date. A portion of all deposits is nonrefundable (see cancellation policy). All changes are final by 2 weeks prior to the event. Changes made within 2 weeks prior to event will be at the discretion of Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery. Your order must be paid in full by 2 weeks prior to event date. If you fail to complete order details as requested, we will choose a standard design for you.


Full refund with 30 days or more notice prior to event date. 75% refund with 30 days to 2 weeks notice prior to event date. 50% refund with 2 weeks notice prior to event date. No refunds made after 72 hours notice prior to event date. All cancellations require a $100.00 processing fee. Please allow at least 2 weeks for your refund to be processed.



Our signature Bavarian Cream Cheesecake is very unique. Decisions made are based on preserving the quality of our product. We make every effort to provide each bride and groom with a cake that meets their expectations. When recreating a cakes from a photo, exact duplication is not always possible. We will communicate our ability regarding a design; however, we reserve the right to determine the level of replication and creative license of each cake that we create.


Color swatches must be provided if requesting wedding colors or variations of standard colors (ivory/white/off-white/chocolate). Due to the nature of food products being affected by time, humidity, and heat; certain colors are difficult to replicate without side effects (color bleeding, stained teeth, etc.). We do our best to match swatches you provide and reserve the right to use our own judgment regarding the color match. Due to the unique nature of our Bavarian Cream Cheesecakes, there are some color limitations. Please ask for details on specific wedding colors.


We are happy to assist with adding non-edible items such as: ribbon, brooches, fake flowers, etc. They must be agreed upon in final order details and provided at least 2 weeks prior to event date by the bride and groom.  If you fail to bring your items in by the deadline, it is at our discretion to omit items from the design.


The bride and groom are responsible for providing and placing cake toppers. If you need our assistance in placing the topper, this must be discussed and agreed upon in advance. Some toppers require planning due to size and weight. If we are concerned about the stability of your topper we reserve the right to refuse placement at the time of delivery.                        

Delivery & Pick Up


Cakes will be delivered 2-3 hours prior to the event time which depends on event details and our delivery schedule. The cost of delivery includes: delivery and set up of any cake equipment (tiers, cake stand, etc.). Delivery does not include the application of real flowers/cake toppers or arranging cupcakes (unless agreed upon in advance). At least 2 weeks prior to event, you must inform us of restrictions on when you may access your venue or special requests regarding delivery time.


You need to inform us if your cake will be sitting outside so that special considerations can be made. If delivery location includes the use of poorly maintained roads (gravel, dirt, washboard, cattle guards, etc.) additional fees may apply. If your delivery location is farther away than originally disclosed you will be responsible for an additional mileage charge.


We will always do our best to deliver your cake on time, but conditions beyond our control may arise. We reserve the right to designate a 30 minute window to allow for unforeseen delays. 

We will always do our best to assist you in setting up your cake. Any of the following circumstances allow us the right of refusal for cake placement: unleveled/ wobbly tables, unleveled flooring, inclement weather, or unsafe outdoor placement (example: under a tree in the fall). We are happy to advise you on placement.


If you choose to pick up your cake, you will need a suitable vehicle that contains a flat surface in a climate controlled environment. SUVs and mini-vans with completely flat surfaces are preferred. Due to the height of wedding cakes, it will not be fully enclosed in the box. It is important to ensure there is nothing in the vehicle that might fall on the cake. If you choose to transport the cake outside these guidelines, it is at your own risk. Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery is not responsible for the cake once you leave the bakery.                      

Cake Stand Rental

Cake stands have a rental fee of $40 with a $100 deposit applied to your final invoice. The deposit is refunded once the stand is returned within 5 days after the event date and in good condition. Late, dirty or broken items forfeit your deposit at our discretion for replacement or repair. It is your responsibility to return the cake stand. Once the stand is returned and inspected, a refund check will be issued.        

Serving Instructions

Our cake is unique, and yummy! Freezing it is part of the creation process. Prior to serving, the cake is removed from the freezer and thawed. The core/middle of the lower layers may stay firm/frozen. Beneficially, it keeps the rest of the cake chilled, but can present a serving challenge.

It is best to start serving the outer edges and move in. As you reach the cardboard between the layers, you may separate each layer in order to expose the layer underneath (which aids in softening any still firm core sections). The ideal method is a sturdy knife dipped in hot water to facilitate cutting the slices. Even when the center still seems firm you may cut/plate the slices and they will be ready to eat in minutes!

Our policies are subject to change without notice.  We are happy to provide a copy for your review at any time. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!