Wedding frequently asked questions

Are you a licensed, health-department certified, and insured bakery?

 Yes, we are a licensed and insured retail bakery in the state of Oklahoma.  We hold licenses from the City of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma and are certified by the Tulsa County Health Department. This is an important distinction on such an important day!  

How early do I need to order a wedding cake?

Wedding season can span from April to October with the peak months being May, June, September and October. If you are getting married in one of the months mentioned you should plan ahead at least 4-6 months to ensure you get your date reserved.

Can I reserve my wedding date?

Yes you can reserve your date by putting down a deposit based on the price estimate created for you. One half of the total amount is required  to get your name on the calendar.  A portion of this deposit is non-refundable. You do not need to know all the details of your design at this time but everything must be finalized 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Do you deliver?

We are happy to deliver and set-up your cake!  Our delivery pricing starts at $40.00 and considers mileage and ease of access (stairs, elevators, parking, etc.). We gladly accommodate certain Holiday weekends and Sunday orders regardless if our bakery is typically closed. However, a service fee starting at $50.00 will be added to the order. Please inquire about specific dates.

Are your cakes frozen?

Yes…HOWEVER, that is because of the nature of how our cake is made, not because we want to stockpile cakes for wedding season consumption. 99% of the wedding cakes we create are out of our Bavarian Cream Cheesecake and freezing it is part of the production process.  The frozen nature of our cakes can present a serving challenge, but when prepared it is rarely an issue.  We send serving instructions with each cake delivery to ensure you are aware of the best way to serve the cake.

How many servings of cake do I need at my wedding?

The equation we use is to order 1 serving of the bride’s cake for everyone and half of that total for the groom’s cake. The theory is that the groom’s cake is a different flavor and half the people will try both cakes.

How can I stay budget friendly with my cake order for a larger wedding?

A popular option for brides with large guest lists is to order a smaller ‘display cake’ and then have side cakes for the additional servings. We are happy to discuss all these options with you…just let us know you are interested in this scenario!  

When do you deliver the cake?

We delivery two hours prior to the start of the reception if the wedding is at a separate location. If both wedding and reception are at the same venue, we deliver 3 hours prior.

Do you put flowers and/or cake topper on the cake?

Typically the florist you hire to do your flowers will want to apply the flowers to your cake. We are happy assist you with placing your topper. We do ask that you communicate these needs to us during the planning process.