our cafe Specials!

We love having fun with our menu and creating specials for you to enjoy!


May 3 - May 8
Veggie Quiche of the Week | Artichoke, sundried tomato, & feta | 4.75
Meat Quiche of the Week | Bacon, hashbrown, & cheddar | 4.75

May 3 thru May 8
Fajita Chicken Wrap | Grilled chicken with bell peppers and onions, rice, black beans, corn, mixed greens, pepper jack, cheddar cheese, and lime crema. Wrapped in a tomato basil wrap | 9.50

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Drink Specials

May Flower Latte | Lavender Syrup | Hibiscus Syrup | Honey | Espresso
Mexican Cafe Latte | Chocolate Sauce | Vanilla Syrup | Brown Sugar Syrup
Espresso | Milk | Sprinkle of Cinnamon
Dulce De Leche Au Lait | Dulce de Leche Sauce | Light or Dark Roast Coffee
Steamed Milk
Sprint Mint | Almond Syrup | Mint Syrup | Espresso | Milk
The Dark Side Ginger Beer Cooler | Blackberry Syrup | Raspberry Syrup | Ginger Beer | Ice
Frozen Chewbacca | Chocolate Sauce | Caramel Sauce | Vanilla Powder  | Oreo Cookie | Espresso | Milk | Served topped with whip and oreo crumbs
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dessert OF THE MONTH

Oreo Parfait | A dessert parfait with layers of vanilla and chocoalte oreo Bavarian Cream Cheesecake filling layered with whippped cream! | 4.95 each


Vanilla Bavarian Cream Cheesecake Eclair!  |   Oblong pastry of choux dough filled with our signature Bavarian Cream Cheesecake filling combined with whipped cream and topped with Chocolate. | 3.00

Cake of the month

Lemon Blueberry | Lemon cake, blueberry filling, and lemon icing.  Decorated in a fun wave texture with sprinkles and blueberries!
6" RD | 10 servings | $33
8" RD | 16 servings | $52
9" RD | 20 servings | $65
10" RD | 24 servings | $78

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Lemon Blueberry | Lemon cupcake with blueberry cheesecake filling and lemon whip with blueberries
Matcha | Vanilla cupcake with matcha/green tea cheesecake filling, matcha whip, and pearl sprinkles        Key Lime Pie | Vanilla cupcake with key lime cheesecake filling, topped with vanilla whip and graham cracker crumbs
Chai | Vanilla cupcake with chai cheesecake filling, topped with vanilla whip and a sprinkle of chai
Chocolate Decadence | Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate cheesecake filling, topped with chocolate whip and chocolate shavings and chocolate drizzle

Weekly Cupcakes
Week 1
Churro | Churro cupcake with cinnamon cheesecake filling, topped with cinnamon vanilla whip, a churro (cereal) piece and cinnamon sugar topping
Week 2Funfetti | Funfetti cupcake with vanilla cheesecake filling mixed with rainbow sprinkles, topped with vanilla whip and more sprinkles
Week 3Rocky Road | Chocolate cupcake with marshmallow cheesecake filling, topped with chocolate whipped icing and almonds
Week 4Caramel Peanut | Vanilla cupcake with caramel cheesecake and crushed peanuts filling, topped with caramel whip and roasted peanuts