Wedding Show 101


Planning a wedding??  So often this means attending  WEDDING SHOWS!  Load up your best wedding helpers and head on over to your nearest planning extravaganza!  Wedding shows can be a great place to learn a lot of information!  Having witnessed over 20 years of shows on the other side of the table, we thought we would share some tips we have learned over the years!

  • Start off with a wedding-specific email address. Having all your wedding emails in one spot will make it easier to tackle and will keep your personal inbox clean of all the emails you will receive after the show. (Because you WILL get a lot of emails after the show ;))
  • Address labels are your friend!  Bring pre-printed address labels with you to the show!  Wedding shows have LOTS things to sign up for!  There will be contests, discounts and information that will require you to give the same information over and over again…why not cut to the chase and simply slap on your label! The labels should include the following:
    • Bride’s Name
    • Groom’s Name
    • The Wedding Date
    • Email Address
    • Home Address (optional*)
    • Phone Number (optional*)

*If you don’t want to be called or mailed anything, then don’t include your phone number or home address.

  • Travel light!  You will most likely be given several bags to hold all the handouts and promotional materials but it still can get to be a lot…so leave the heavy purse and other things to carry at home.
  • Be comfortable!  Comfortable clothing and shoes are a must!  There will be walking and standing so dress the part to avoid outfit or shoe troubles.
  • Choose your guests wisely!  Only invite you’re a-team.  It is no fun to have someone with you who doesn’t want to be there or who has strong opinions that differ from your own.  We all have that friend or family member who points out ‘what they did at their wedding’ every time a decision come ups.  Supportive ideas are one thing, but negativity will make for a long day!
  • Communication is key!  This is a great time to ask general questions of the vendors, so don’t be shy!  This applies even more after the event when companies start to follow up with you.  No vendor wants to be annoying…if you aren’t interested, just let them know!
  • Have fun!  The most important thing to remember is ENJOY this time.  Planning your big day should be fun and memorable.  Don’t let the details stress you out 🙂

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