Wedding Cake: Pick Up?

What if I prefer to pick up my cake?

We do allow customers to pick up their own wedding cakes.  This is a great option when the wedding location is far away and delivery is cost prohibitive.  HOWEVER…please be sure that the person chosen for this task is prepared for what you are asking them to do.  We have many stories of people showing up to  pick up stacked wedding cakes with no room to put it in their car!  No joke!  On top of a bag of mulch and kitty litter is NOT the place for a wedding cake (unfortunately, a true story).  As we already outlined in our  blog post on delivery , transporting a wedding cake is a stressful job!  Please don’t choose someone who is part of the wedding already and has a million other things to help with that day.

Pulling directly from our wedding cake contract (yes, unfortunately, legal mumbo jumbo is always necessary):

If you choose to pick up your cake, you will need a suitable vehicle that contains a flat surface in a climate controlled environment. SUVs and mini-vans with completely flat surfaces are preferred. Due to the height of wedding cakes, it will not be fully enclosed in the box. It is important to ensure there is nothing in the vehicle that might fall on the cake. If you choose to transport the cake outside these guidelines, it is at your own risk. Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery is not responsible for the cake once you leave the bakery.  

cake pick up photoThe single biggest stress factor we see is that the stacked cakes are not fully enclosed in a a box.  So, let’s address that scary issue, shall we?  Stacked wedding cakes are not in a box that covers the entire cake.  In fact, when we deliver, they don’t go in a box at all. Wedding cake boxes do exist. We just happen feel that boxes can give a false sense of security and there are more chances of damaging the cake trying to get the cake out of the box than traveling with the top exposed.  Having said that…we will happily order one for you if that is preferred.

Now that we have thoroughly made everyone nervous, let us reassure you. Picking up your own wedding cake is totally doable!  We just encourage planning ahead and we are more than willing to provide plenty of  guidance on how to accomplish picking up your cake sans tragedy.

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