Wedding cake: does size matter?


Going to the chapel…and you’re going to get MARRIED!

Nothing says “I Do!” like an incredible cake! There are lots of questions and at times confusing answers for this topic. We have heard them all, so never feel like a question isn’t worth asking! We always want our sweet couples to feel comfortable with the process so ask us anything!

For the purposes of getting going, let’s start at the beginning!

How much cake do I need?  The standard equation used is 1 slice of wedding cake per guest in attendance, and half that total for the groom’s cake. This allows for everyone to have a go at the wedding cake, and about half the people will also want to try the groom’s cake.  Not everyone chooses to do a groom’s cake and that is a-okay!  (More on groom’s cakes later…)

How do I know how many people are coming?  In order to make your best guess on attendance, take 60-75% of the TOTAL number of people you are inviting.  Most situations will be accurate with using 60% in their calculations, but definitely take your individual circumstance into account. For those with large families, active in large organizations (college, military, church, etc.), or a mostly local guest list, 75% will give you a more accurate count. It is always a good idea to let us estimate on the high end if you are unsure. You have up until 2 weeks before the wedding to make changes to your serving size.

What if I need to feed a lot of people but have a smaller budget?  A popular budget-friendly option for couples with large guest lists is to order a smaller “display cake” with side cakes for the additional servings. We are always happy to discuss ways to keep things within the bounds you need them!

Now, having said all that, what it really comes down to is … will you be embarrassed if you run out of cake? For some the answer is an unequivocal, “Yes!” And for others, they aren’t bothered by this possibility in the least. We are always happy to give you the best advice we can and go from there!

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