Things your party cake decorator wish you knew!

cake decoratorI think every industry has the things they wish their customers knew.  And the bakery business is
no different!  In an effort to entertain our sweet followers, we have compiled a list for your reading pleasure…

  • It can be challenging to put REALLY BIG fake flowers on a very small cake. This isn’t about judging the size of the cake…but simply wanting it to look its very best for the big day…the party!
  • Color swatches/reference are helpful.  Your idea of cornflower blue may have a bit more purple in it that my idea of cornflower blue.  If you have something specific in mind…please be willing to provide an example for us to color match.
  • Keep in mind, that shape matters.  Some designs look great on round.  Some look great on square.  Some look good on both, but not all.
  • Please don’t bring an all-fondant cake example in and ask for that design “without the fondant.”  Not everything can be replicated using different icing media.
  • If you care what the cake looks like…don’t be afraid to tell us!  We want you to love your cake!  Please don’t say  “make it pretty” or “something for a guy” and then not like what design we choose.
  • Please provide an accurate pick up time.  If you think you may want to pick up the cake it at 10 am after a morning pedicure, please do not say 2 pm and then show up 4 hours early.The end result ANY DECORATOR wants is for the customer to ❤️❤️❤️ their cake.  In order to achieve that we must have a seriously sweet customer/bakery team working toward that goal.

All said with whipped cream and a chocolate covered strawberry on top!

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