The word has been out for awhile…but in case you haven’t heard…WE ARE MOVING!  To a building of our very own!  So many exciting things are going to be happening and we can’t wait to share every single detail.

For starters…lets tackle some of the questions, shall we?

Why are you moving?20161116_231335826_iOS (2)
The answer is simple…growth!  We need additional square footage to spread our wings!  This will also allow us to combine our production facility with our retail space.  And that means…we can better serve our customers who are the core of our business.

Where are you moving?
Right down the street to 6527 East 91st…the old “Braum’s” Building.  So many memories have been shared with us regarding this building and the community.  We hope to recreate the magic using our own brand.

When are you moving?
This is the hardest question of them all right now.  We are working hard to make the building our own…redoing the interior and exterior to match our style.  We know  it will be this summer but it is hard to tell exactly when.  We will let you know as soon as we know!20170202_162030494_iOS

The new location will be adding a drive thru to our service!  We will also be expanding our menu to include additional breakfast items and sandwiches, soup, and salads for lunch.  There will be fun gift items, candles, greeting cards, etc. to purchase and additional seating.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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