Where do cake decorators come from?

Where do our oh-so-talented cake artists come from??  The assumption tends to be that cake decorators learn their craft in a classical culinary setting or by taking cake decorating classes.  The reality is that one cake decorating class, does not a cake decorator make.  Becoming a talented cake decorator takes HOURS upon hours of practice and the passion for the craft.   So while one can learn the basics and the “how-to” in a class, the ability to deliver a polished professional cake does not come right away.

None of that is said to discourage up-and-coming cake artists!  It is said as a testament to their skills and the hard work they put in to get where they are today!

To get more specific, we have 5 full time cake decorators and each has different stories, but one major common denominator.  Each and every one of them practiced at home, took steps to learn what they wanted to know in order to excel on their own as well as in a professional environment.  They then obtained a job in a bakery environment where they learned on the job and eventually grew to become the talented artists they are today!  Collectively our kitchen has over 45 years of decorating experience.

Another misconception is that everyone is good at EVERYTHING.  This just isn’t the case.  Each decorator has strengths and weaknesses and our team works off these attributes to create the best possible end result when working on cakes for our customers.  

Something else our lovely ladies all have in common is constant development of skills and the ability to self teach.  This includes making cakes at home for family and friends in order to try something new or watching videos and tutorials if an upcoming technique is unknown to them.  Cake orders are not restricted to only things you already know how to do.  Pictures are always brought in where research is required to learn how to do it. One of our ladies practiced fondant tuxedo bow-ties for a week at home in order to get a groom’s cake “just right” for our bridal couple!  And many a YouTube video was watched when we took an order for a 3D Cookie Monster!

Becoming a talented cake decorator takes more than talent.  You really have to love it!  This profession can be stressful and requires working the weekends and long hours around certain holidays.  

We hope this gives you some insight on our cake decorators!  Here are some fun time lapse videos to watch of a decorator doing their thing…

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