Family Traditions

child birthdayRecently, we attended the birthday party for our son’s friend who was turning 4 years old.  It was a typical birthday party with balloons, bubbles and a festive pinata!  But I also took something away from this party that I didn’t expect.  A new tradition. A cake tradition.

His mother made his cake…which I LOVE!  Being part of a bakery, people tend to think we will be cake snobs but that just isn’t the case.  There is nothing better than a cake thoughtfully made by someone who loves you.  His mother lovingly decorated the cake with icing versions of Batman and Robin with the traditional wording ‘Happy 4th Birthday’.  I provide these details so that I can now explain the wonderful thing I learned. Their family tradition is to allow each child (starting with the birthday boy of course) to choose which part of the cake they want.  The birthday boy requested Batman, the next child wanted ‘Happy’ and so on…My OCD did scream a bit when I saw the holes cut in random parts of the cake but when the reason was explained I was so touched.  What a brilliant idea to make each and every child at the party feel so special…

I can’t wait to start this with my own family…

What are your family cake traditions?

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